Soul Mechanic

Born in Zimbabwe 1980 Ryan Koriya strums freedom into his acoustic guitar from Australia to the US and everywhere in between. Back home now to record and make new music, Koriya has spent the past 3 years touring a total of 12 countries.

His new single to be released next week “Drowning in Space” is inspired by his life of constant movement – where maintaining friendships is becoming next to impossible as people drift further away from one another in the frenetic pace we set for ourselves. The lyrics “In search for life among the living” is a dissection of how society is losing their common ground for one another. Driven by ego we have become strangers to those closest to us. Living alongside those we love and yet not there at all.

Dubbed ‘the soul mechanic’ by a fan Koriya’s astute perception hails from a diverse background having been born into in a war torn country reeling from its new found independence, music being the common denominator. Growing up with a beautiful and spirited mother who knew Zimbabwean music legends on a first name basis Koriya’s confidence was instilled from an early age and grows as it’s distilled with each venue in audiences across Europe and the New World. “Never stop singing” a scribbled note from a German fan, “Will you sign my passport?” an Aussie girl pleaded – Koriya’s fan mail pulsates to the sound of his tune.

A background in classical music, with accolades from the Zimbabwe College of Music for the cello and the youngest awarded violinist at Prince Edward School in its 100 year history, sets Koriya apart from other singers who can not read or write their own music. Entertainers with little understanding of the mechanics of music Koriya instinctively knows how to orchestrate sound. Sobriety being his key to the energy required for this lifestyle, finding that contrary to popular belief inebriation dulls tone!

Koriya’s music is his inner landscape and striking a chord in his listeners there is medicine.


“More than anything else, rhythm and melody find their way to the inmost soul and take the strongest hold upon it.” – Plato


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Photo by Tom Erik Douglas Smith Photography

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