Remember, Remember The 21st Of November…

Robert Mugabe has left the building and in his wake a new Zimbabwe is born. The unthinkable has happened. The people of Zimbabwe celebrate the departure of their President of 37 years. At 93 years of age, the world’s oldest leader, he had long overstayed his welcome.

The end of an era, one ruled with an iron fist through fear and intimidation, a new found freedom now emanates from the streets and fields of this country. Access to the internet, free messaging apps and social media platforms unleashed the power of the people. No longer silenced by a paranoid government and spoon feed propaganda the voice of the Zimbabwean was heard.

A movement of radical change in government engineered by the unexpected in the form of notorious army general Emmerson Mnangagwa. It would seem hell hath no fury like a man scorned, fired from his prominent position as Vice President, Mnangagwa sought refuge in neighbouring South Africa. With his personal safety guaranteed a plot to over throw Mugabe thickened… Not quite believing that Mugabe was under house arrest we watched the news in fascination. Would our notoriously stubborn President take the ultimatum and step down peacefully to avoid bloodshed?

With the support of the military on our side, millions took the to the streets in an unprecedented march on November 18 in a determined nation wide effort to finally rid Zimbabwe of Mugabe. News spread like wild fire, shared and shared again to everyone we knew would care, click click clicketyclick was the sound of the quietest military coup in history.

Like this nation brought to its knees, in silent surrender Mugabe finally admitted defeat. A jubilant Zimbabwe partied all night and awoke to no hangover. Rather than sit on a therapist’s couch and lament, Zimbabweans took their problems to their family and friends, their communities and their churches. Their suffering paid off in their patience. And with a little help from their new found friends in the military, miracles happened..

Pamberi ne Zimbabwe! Long may she live, long may she prosper. And never may she forget the nation she nurtures who just took her first step to bonafide freedom.


Photo courtesy of an anonymous marcher on WhatsApp

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