A Remarkable Encounter with Silence

I am currently experiencing a wonderful sense of euphoria to the point of questioning imminent death!

Waking up early and living as though each day were my last is new to me. It’s an exercise in mindfulness. Being present. Forgetting the past and refusing to think about the future, just being right… Here…

This neglected art requires some discipline, meditation does help. In fact it’s what spurred it on.  A wise woman gave me an unexpected gift for no particular reason other than the sheer joy of celebrating friendship. A silent retreat at a meditation center. Undaunted by the five hour drive I said an instant ‘Yes count me in!’ then read the forbidden list no phones, no caffeine, no alcohol, no reading, no talking and immediately reversed the decision to ‘No can do!’ My soul sister booked ‘just in case’ giving me time to think…

As the day drew nearer I incredibly started to listen… The sounds around me were enhanced much like a pre-New Year’s resolution savouring everything you’re about to deprive yourself of.  Suddenly I noticed how much noise invades my head space. Everything is so restless, and noisy. Planes, trains, kids, parents, phones, music, dogs, chickens, cars.

Silence started to shine through in this golden, sublime, intoxicating way… I could no longer resist…

And so I went.  Like my kids with sleeping bag under one arm, rucksack on my back, big smile on my face and knocking on Nadine’s door.  Hurray, we’re off to find the temple, the magical temple of Silence where we meditated away every negative thought, danced with the trees, stretched our languid limbs in yoga and saluted the sun with cruelty free food.

For the first time in a very long time I heard myself think… Not mundane box ticking.  My mind, so happy to have me all to itself inspired me with long forgotten ideas, good ones that I hadn’t found time for, my perspective of relationships and situations shifted as I began to see them for what they truly are unpolluted by popular opinion or demand. Silence brings forth your life to the sound of an orchestra.

It’s like making love, uninterrupted time out… Breathing in all that makes you feel good with reckless abandon. That inexplicable feeling you get when you have found someone or something that reminds you of why you were born, of why birds sing… That same feeling because you are essentially falling in love with life again making every cell in your body light up like a Christmas tree and belt out “Gloria, in Excelsis Deo!”

A girls night out takes on new meaning when in silent reverence you slow down, tap into universal energy and understand why wifi is dangerous, how trees help us breath, that friends are angels in disguise and why it’s so good to be alive!



Photo of the Valley of a Thousand Temples by Nicolas Gutman

2 thoughts on “A Remarkable Encounter with Silence

  1. Beautifully put, enchanting and a delight to read. To be part of this experience, to be able to provide the space and nurture to the point where one does not require ‘thought’ on the daily chores. What a privilege to have met you. May mindfulness continue!

    1. Marc…Thank you for sharing your gift with the community of Bulawayo & beyond. We are incredibly blessed to have you! Shanti, shanti, shanti.

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