Island in the Sun

Cataract Island is one of those rare best kept secrets, a chosen few tread on hallowed ground mostly reserved for the four legged. A place where feathers find rest in an elephant’s footprint.

The island forms the backdrop to the majestic Victoria Falls. Exquisite in its beauty and difficult to access because of its position directly in the flow of the Zambezi river before it falls into the Batoka Gorge. Like a jewel in a crown this is one of several islands scattered along the river but one that is an integral part of the Victoria Falls in the form of the Devil’s Cataract.

Now under threat from development the Victoria Falls community are determined to save their natural wonderland and preserve one of our planet’s last¬†wild frontiers. A petition is in circulation to stop the environmental decimation of an ancient island with a fragile ecosystem that is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Comments from people around the world expressing their concern at the exploitation of yet another untouched wilderness. Rick in Thailand reminds us that “Cataract Island belongs to the people of the world, not to developers”… ¬†“My family’s trip to the Falls was one of the most magical of our lives”… Margaret from Louisiana shows solidarity for the preservation of one the world’s seven natural wonders.

Zimbabwean resident Paul says it like it is: “This is a violation. It’s analogous to Shakespeare’s “The Rape of Lucrece” where Tarquin, not content to gaze upon the beauty of the undefiled Lucrecia, rapes her. “What win I, if I gain the thing I seek? A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy… Who sells eternity to get a toy?”

Please protect our rivers and waterfalls, sign this


Photo by Sandi

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