Gemma Griffiths & Jah Prayzah Unite!

Two African voices representing a nation’s unity come together in a new release by singer and songwriter Gemma Griffiths. Gemma’s rendition of Jah Prayzah‘s hit single ‘Mudhara Vachuaya‘ is a soulful ballad with that lasting effect I now associate with our indie pop artist.

Written by Jah Prayzah, this is a love song telling the story of a man and wife separated by distance but determined to keep their love alight. Poetic lyrics in Shona and English, “Keep shining like the sun…/That’s my flower…/The fire of love is small, please don’t put it out..” sung with the resonance of Gemma’s voice to the sound of the piano.

Uplifting and peaceful ‘Mudhara Vachuaya‘ wraps itself around you, whispering ‘I love you’ and lingers on like the warmth of the sun.

Gemma has succeeded in telling the other half of the story. Taking an Afro pop sensation with its own dance that celebrates love with the energy and vigour of masculine force, she turns it over to reveal the gentle strength of a woman’s affection. Like Yin and Yang, there is synergy, as both sides of human emotion in their different forms of expression, crescendo in the promise of enduring love.

With the success of ‘Mudhara Vachuaya‘ both Gemma and Jay Prayzah are set to join forces in a future collaboration together.

And just like ‘the small drum, it says tam tam, so dance!’