The Force behind ‘What the Fork?’

Gina Bonanno Lemos is a mother, a wife, an author, a blogger, a speaker, an holistic health coach, a vegan and vegan nutrition specialist and a warrior for people, animals and the planet. A woman whose accolades match her character, dynamic and influential Gina is is quietly changing the way people eat, think and live. Spending an hour in her company left me with more information than a blog post could do justice and in complete awe of someone who speaks straight from the heart with astounding diversity.

Reviews on Gina’s new book What the Fork? The Secret Cause of Disease comment on her humour, making light of difficult situations and times in her life as a single mother suffering from chronic illness. The purpose of her book What the Fork? The Secret Cause of Disease is to help us reclaim our lives, to live to the max thereby empowering ourselves and those around us. By taking action and changing our neglected eating patterns we can rid ourselves of allergies, disease, lethargy, anger and negativity.

Depleted vitamins and bad diets wreck havoc on our biological systems and hormones leaving our bodies out of sync,too tired to care about the ugly truth behind our food choices. Sleep walking through days, we scarcely have enough energy for ourselves and our families let alone those in need everywhere.

Taking control brings us home, brings us to a place of deep understanding and determination to make a difference. Gina is living testimony to her personal philosophy. Practising what she preaches we are more inclined to listen, and take note. “I have more energy now at 46 than I did 20 years ago. I could never do what I do now were it not for going vegan.” Her advice to anyone who is curious about a vegan lifestyle is that it’s easier than we think. “There’s a period of time you will go through withdrawal much like any addiction – an adjustment period. A lot of people say they tried but didn’t feel good or normal. What feels normal to you now when you consume animals is in reality not normal. You’ll understand how great you can feel once you get past all these toxins. I didn’t know what feeling good felt like any more, it’s a gradual thing that happens over time you are on this downward spiral. I used to feel that I was going to collapse. Consuming a plant-based diet gives us more energy. It lengthens our telomeres, who can argue with science?!”

An animal lover and an activist against the Asian dog meat festivals Gina is encouraged to see the international response to Yulin and Boknal. “It was a picture of a pig trying to escape from a pot of boiling water that got me. This photograph resonated with me so deeply it stays with me to this day. Just like the dogs being boiled alive in China, the pigs I ate suffered the same terror and torture. I felt so hypocritical for judging Asians for eating dogs when I was eating bacon. An animal is an animal, a life is a life”.

“My conscience kept me awake at night telling me to do something. I made flyers and started handing them out at the grocery store and walked door to door with my daughter. The No To Dog Meat Foundation has been instrumental in bringing the world’s attention to this atrocity, there is now a world wide consciousness. It is wonderful to see how much awareness there is now. This year one of the petitions against the Yulin dog meat festival has now been deemed as having the most signatures in the history of online petitions with an incredible 5 millions signators! When I heard this I broke down crying. These dog meat festivals have been going on for centuries and thanks to media and technology it has been brought to our attention. What is so important to remember is that it’s only because of locals in South East Asian countries who sounded the alarm first and asked for help from the international community that anything has been done to try and stop it, racism has no place here.”

“The movement is growing continually. It’s really happening, this week a report says veganism in the U.S. is up by 5% and there are so many leaning in that direction. Reports about how dangerous animal products can be from sources like the World Health Organisation are proving to be effective – no one can ignore the facts! This is a real health issue being brought to our attention by legitimate health agencies.”

Now working on her second book “Lessons from Latte” and soon to launch a 6 week programme to help people transition from an animal to plant-based diet, Gina the Warrior has joined forces with the Pure Plant Pod and is spreading the vegan word across America.

A humility that is rare in the world of egos, Gina is an exception in every sense of the word. She is charming yet sincere, funny but never derogatory, and fragile but strong. After a difficult start in life that instilled a gentleness akin to a powerful force because it is pure energy with direct intent. And that is how we change the world, how we rise up after every fall and no matter how hard the road is we endure so that we conquer evil, cruelty, exploitation and lead the way towards peace and love for all life on earth.


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