For those good people who attempted to visit Vic Falls Chronicles last week I apologise whole heartedly for the eviction notice nailed to the front door. No one was more surprised than myself. Convinced that free web hosting was no less inferior to the premiums on offer I embraced Hostinger with genuine affection. Recommended by a friend whose website, also hosted on a free service, was hacked into and displayed an advert for “Hostinger!” Impressed by this sheer audacity to outwit competitors and coding skills, I chose Hostinger for all the wrong reasons. Not surprisingly our relationship was short lived.

Timing being everything, the beginning of the end happened the same day friends shared the Vic Falls Chronicles link on Facebook. The ironic agony being that after months of virtual obscurity when the blog finally found an avenue of exposure ‘they’ shut us down. Blowing their whistle for what they deemed to be ‘abuse’, I was told to leave the building – ” No entry!” Denied access to my work and with the nauseating realisation that I had not backed up most of it, I responded to the situation as I would any other. I cried. I screamed. I shouted. I ululated. I told anyone who would listen. With my tear stained face and puffy eyes it had the desired effect. People were genuinely shocked. How could this have happened? Ha! The naivety of innocence. Easily. It’s called business. Money talks. You ain’t got no money. End of conversation. Show me the money. Conversation goes viral.

With the sudden surge of traffic Hostinger were now interested in the once shy little blog. Blocking Vic Falls Chronicles from the public eye in the name of ‘security’ I wanted nothing more than to contact the Hostinger manager immediately and get to the bottom of this. The naivety! 50 hours later.. No money. No chat. Free website… Join the queue…You pay. Instant chat. In my desperate state I found $100 to buy a domain. Like a medical emergency, money is not negotiable. Just fix it. Get her up and running, I want her back, just like she was – in one piece! Help me! Greengeeks.com to the rescue. They arrived like knights in shining armour. Expensive armour but dashing and yes – definitely worth it. And instant chat! With a big smile and a friendly wave they lifted this damsel in distress back onto her horse.

Having replaced my freebie with one of the greenest web hosts out there – currently amongst the top ten hosting companies on earth, and, with one of the smallest carbon footprints – I finally get a response from Hostinger, days after beating on their gate with a sledgehammer. “Account suspended due to numerous logins from different locations”. Suspicious activity explained. “Power cuts forcing one to resort to internet cafes.” To which the account was finally released. As story by story limped out of quarantine, mama Greengeeks swooped them up and flew them off to a place where no one could harm them. Lesson learnt. It’s always about the money. So go green.


Painting by Bansky “Show Me the Monet”

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