7 Things You Didn’t Know About Vic Falls – Wannabe Highway Sixty

Friday Night Live from the Victoria Falls! And no good news. Another fatality. This time a buffalo cow. Pregnant. Dead after being hit by a tour bus but with a baby inside her that will die after her mother. Too heavy with child to make it across the road fast enough to join the rest of her herd in the safety of the bushes as they stood and watched helplessly.

On the way home from the Victoria Falls boat club, the human watering hole on a Friday night we were stopped by police cautioning us of the accident that had occurred. A local safari operator had just had a head on collision with an unsuspecting buffalo attempting to cross the road in a national park at night.  Another tragedy on Park Lane and the ugly truth of Victoria Falls roads in Zimbabwe.

This road leading from Vic Falls town centre to the gate of the Zambezi National Park, was opened by the President and deemed as an 80 km zone under the Zimbabwean Road Traffic Act. Despite numerous accidents involving vehicles and wildlife and local pressure to reduce the speed limit to a 60 km zone, by law – Zimbabwe Rural Police (ZRP) based in Victoria Falls – cannot alter it.

80 km in a National Park is unheard of, given the fact that this is one of the busiest roads in the town at night with taxis and bus loads of tourists being ferried from venue to hotel at night. People and wildlife are at risk of injury and death, something that has been brought to the attention of local authorities in recent years by these accidents but whom remain powerless under the present government.

Like the wildlife, muted.


Please speak up by signing & sharing my petition to change the speed limit on this road. Thank you!

Click here to sign the petition (Your name does not have to be diplayed)

Update: Thank you to everyone who signed the petition over 1100 signatures from around the world have been sent to Zimbabwe’s Minister of Tourism. I will keep you posted on the outcome. 


Photo by Sandi

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