7 Things You Didn’t Know About Vic Falls ~ 4×4 Picnic In The Park

Every weekend there is a mass exodus from Vic Falls town into the Zambezi National Park. A weekly cleansing of body and mind we wake up early, pack everything but the kitchen sink and head out to wonderland. A bumpy and unpredictable road depending on the time of year 4WD is the way to go. A parks fee at the gate is your only expense no more than $10 depending on where you are from and an additional $5 for your vehicle. Kids under 6 are free which bizarrely is how old most of our kids have stayed for years! Good natured National Parks staff often let any child under 12 in gratis although one shouldn’t take advantage of a kind heart…

Dotted along the river are picnic spots each numbered, all beautiful in their own right because of the river frontage but some better for swimming, some for camping, others for a shady siesta. Camping is allowed over night something you have to do. Africa takes on a different rhythm under moon light. If you’re going to swim as most of us do make sure it’s in the rapids, fast moving water deters crocs. Never, I repeat never, swim in still water. It does run deep and is guaranteed to have flat dogs. Another valuable piece of local advice is to pay attention to the colours you wear in the water – stay away from reds and orange as these attract crocodiles. Fact. Wear a dark colour preferably any shade of blue or green.

Apart from sunblock and a large hat you will need a lot of ice to fill your cooler box. And water, as many bottles as you have beer.  I cannot recommend this activity enough to people. The elephant, giraffe, zebra, impala, hippo, birds and fish only add to what is already a canvas of extraordinary colour and texture.


Photo by Sandi

4 thoughts on “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Vic Falls ~ 4×4 Picnic In The Park

  1. So if I have read everything well you have 3 children that are triplets and they are all six years old! Lol
    Beautiful description of a typical Zimbabwean weekend I hope you will take me there when I come over

  2. I will never forget the perfect day I spent there with your lovely, slightly nuts family. All under 12, including myself and your parents, hehe.

    1. Nice one Angie! In the words of Lou Reed.. “such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you” 🙂

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